Agua Dulce Organics is focused on sustainability and is committed to the growth of the hemp industry.

Most of all we are dedicated to those who may benefit from CBD products.

We are a Southern California hemp farm and maker of premium CBD prerolls, hemp flower, CBD oil, creams, and related products.

Our organic farm is nestled among wineries in beautiful Agua Dulce, California, a viticultural (wine country) area just north of the Los Angeles National Forest. Agua Dulce is pronounced Ah-wah (also Ah-gwah) Dool-say. It means Sweet Water.

From deep well coconut infused water to nutrient rich organic living soil, our hemp is of the highest quality possible and is grown in small manageable crop sizes for precise quality control.

Agua Dulce Organics

Lab tested and compliant 100% Premium Hemp Flower (<0.3% delta 9 THC)

Our farm is 100% organic. No additives. No pesticides.

Seriously, we use no pesticides or insecticides. Our weather system and high altitude act as a natural barrier.

When growing hemp we scrutinize every single step of the process.

From soil prep and planting, to irrigation and nutrients, everything is done with patience, persistence, and care.

Here at Agua Dulce Organics, we only use traditional drying and curing methods. Our flower is slowly and carefully brought down to the perfect moisture content for storage and distribution.

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