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Now Available with 1500mg of CBD!

Find balance with our broad spectrum Organic CBD Oil Drops, made with our 99%+ CBD and organic MCT Oil. Available in strengths of 500mg or 1500mg of CBD.

    Why Aqua Dulce Organics

    From soil prep and planting, to irrigation and nutrients, everything is done with patience, persistence, and care.

    organic CBD
    THC Free CBD
    no pesticide
    1500mg CBD oil

    CBD Oil Tincture Details

    Our CBD Drops are made with our premium CBD and organic MCT Oil (Coconut derived). Safe and easy-to-use, our CBD drops can be taken sublingually day or night.



    Our 500mg and 1500mg bottles each contain 60 .5ml servings.

    Recommended Use​

    Take one (1) full dropper daily. Use regularly over a prolonged period for maximum effectiveness.

    Certification of Analysis​

    Our CBD Oil is designed to help:

    Navigate everyday challenges*


    Assist in post-workout recovery*


    May support a sense of calm for focus*


    Support a good night's sleep*

    CBD oil benefits

    CBD Oil - Pet Dosage Guide

    PET WEIGHT 500mg Bottle 1000mg Bottle
    10lb 2mg (4 drops) 2mg (2 drops)
    20lb 4mg (8 drops) 4mg (4 drops)
    30lb 6mg (12 drops) 6mg (6 drops)
    40lb 8mg (16 drops) 8mg (16 drops)
    50lb 10mg (20 drops) 10mg (10 drops)
    60lb 12mg (24 drops) 12mg (12 drops)
    70lb 14mg (28 drops) 14mg (14 drops)
    80lb 16mg (32 drops) 16mg (16 drops)
    90lb 16mg (16 drops) 18mg (18 drops)
    100lb 20mg (40 drops) 20mg (20 drops)
    110lb 22mg (44 drops) 22mg (22 drops)
    120lb 24mg (48 drops) 24mg (24 drops)
    130lb 26mg (52 drops) 26mg (26 drops)
    140lb 28mg (56 drops) 28mg (28 drops)
    150lb 30mg (60 drops) 30mg (30 drops)
    *Amounts are approximated. On a 500mg bottle, 1 drop equals approximately 0.55mg. On a 1000mg bottle, 1 drop equals approximately 1.10mg. We recommend talking to your veterinarian if you have any additional questions about dosing.