Subscription Policy

On our website, you may find items available as subscriptions, pre-orders, and money back guarantee options. Here’s how you can manage, change, or cancel these types of purchases: 

Your Subscriptions

  • Customize your routine: Make a one-time purchase or sign up to receive your CBD each month.
  • Secure and simple payments: We safely store your payment details, charging you for each delivery. 
  • Stay in control: Cancel any time prior to the next billing cycle if you decide not to renew. 
  • Easy management: Follow the links in your order confirmation emails to manage or adjust your subscription. 

 Your Pre-orders

  • Plan ahead: Get access to special release products that are coming out. Simply add it to your cart and checkout. 
  • Smooth fulfillment: Once the product is available, we’ll fulfill your order and get it out the door that very day. 
  • Flexibility: Cancel any pre-order before it is fulfilled just like you would with any other product.